Advanced Photonic PRocesses for novel sOlar energy hArvesting teCHnologies


We are prestigious business organization that brings together entrepreneurs and defends their interests.

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Partner full and short name:

Chamber of Commerce of Olomouc District (OHK)

We are prestigious business organization that brings together entrepreneurs and defends their interests. It deals with the promotion of entrepreneurship, exports, vocational training, increasing competitiveness by organizing seminars, conferences and gathering information for entrepreneurs. We are part of The Czech Chamber of Commerce, the largest and the most representative business association in the Czech Republic. It has more than 17,000 members organized in 60 regional chambers and in nearly 126 branch associations. Our regional Chamber has been operating since 1851. Every year it organizes dozens of events (hundreds of assistances and consulting) with an impact on a large number of representatives of the target group (entrepreneurs, companies and their employees, representatives of public administration and other institutions, including all levels of the education system). We are operating with a wide business network of contacts. We specialize in social-networking activities, including Gentlemen’s club, Ladies’ club, thematic business breakfasts and business evenings. We are also a mediator between business and academia/research sector. We organize professional and educational events – such as SMART Region Conferences, HR clubs and others according to the demand from companies and public events.

Our role in APPROACH is providing the networking activities between the research and business sector: organize stakeholder engagement events (workshops), Business-to-Business (B2B) events for the industry (a large event for the industry where different representatives of the industry will be invited), brokerage activities to foster the searching of synergies, new collaborations, potential commercial agreement between all the stakeholders related to the theme of the Project, organize the open days to the industry in order to enhance entrepreneurship and enhancement of small and medium enterprises and network them with research activities of the Project, creation of Stakeholder Map-Value Chain Analysis and hosting talents from the sending institutions of the Project to explore their possibilities in the business sector.