Advanced Photonic PRocesses for novel sOlar energy hArvesting teCHnologies


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APPROACH will develop activities in view of realizing the following European Commission’s objectives regarding intersectoral mobility:

a) Strengthening academia/non-academia cooperation: Activities for the transfer of researcher know-how to businesses, as well as activities that foster closer involvement of business sector staff in training of academic staff,

b) Improving training and lifelong learning: Upskilling and interdisciplinary (e.g., training for specific in-demand skills by industry and holistic R&I support capacity) skill development of research and innovation talents, and

c) Boosting researcher entrepreneurship: Development of entrepreneurial skills for researchers and commercialization-valorization training and support for researchers and innovators. The following indicative types of workshops and seminars will take place while the assessments before and after each training activity will take place and results will be available online.

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APPROACH’s indicative types of workshops and seminars

  • General training including Soft & Hard Skills: 4 thematic trainings areas (of 2 days each per year): 1. Dive into projects 2. Dive into business 3. Risk management training 4. Self & Career development strategies.
  • Dealing with science and innovation workshops or online courses (3-4 days per year) including writing, presenting, valorizing, open science, knowledge and data managing
  • Science into Real World: Thematic workshops or online courses (1-2 days each per year) on: 1. Global Challenges & Industrial Competitiveness 2. Innovative Europe 3. Technology transfer and commercialization
  • Standardization & Valorization: 2 e-training on: 1. Business intelligence-data analytics 2. Open Science & IPR handling Interaction with European Patent Office members
  • Mentoring on grants innovation management, Financial & Policy guidelines, Research management: 3-4 days workshops per year
  • Entrepreneurship events (2-3 days per year) skillset and mindset for identifying and launching new business ventures
  • Engaging stakeholders and identifying value chain (2 days per year) including networking activities
  • Gender dimension in research and innovation (2 days workshops per year) assessing the involvement and development of all gender innovators