Advanced Photonic PRocesses for novel sOlar energy hArvesting teCHnologies

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Pdot.Tech team successfully completed their visit at CATRIN research institute of Palacký University in Olomoucý University Olomouc (UPOL) in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

During this visit, our team:1. Had the opportunity for an on-site demonstration of the implemented research activities of the researchers involved in the APPROACH project.2. Exchanged ideas on potential materials needs for specific applications such as highly-conductive materials with tailorable semi-conducting behavior, and, environmentally friendly, and scalable reproducible inks for films fabrication.

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🎓✨ Exciting Times at the APPROACH Project in April 2024! ✨🎓

Our talents had the opportunity to visit OHK in Czechia, where they participated in a business evening organized by OHK and interacted with various business representatives. They also visited the Sternberk industrial area. During their stay, they shared ideas, exchanged best practices, and solved scientific and technological problems. OHK introduced them to various business entities…

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🔬Exploring the Facilities and Laboratories of RCPTM🔬

💢Following the successful workshop, we had the opportunity to tour the facilities and laboratories of RCPTM – Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials. The advanced infrastructure and the research being conducted here are impressive. ℹThis visit further highlighted the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in advancing scientific and technological innovation. The insights gained…